Ages 6 weeks to 6 months and 7 months to 16 months


At Vine & Branches, infants are nurtured by loving, experienced teachers. Our caring teachers can start our high-quality program with infants at age 6 weeks old, beginning the foundation in building confidence, trust and security for each child.

Responsive caregivers will use typical developmental milestones to structure lessons in receptive language development, basic sign language, gross and fine motor skill and emotional security. Infants will learn trust as caregivers play, sing, snuggle, and read to them. Caregivers play lap and finger games, peek-a-boo, engage in movement and rhymes and conversations that give value to language. Each day includes outdoor time in the buggy and/or sitting on a soft, safe surface in the shade whenever the weather permits.

Creating an easy to follow schedule for your child is a crucial way we partner with parents to establish a great foundation for continued learning. A daily communication from teachers will include all of the special developmental milestone events, daily routines, and recommendations to bring the learning home.

Current Schedule Options:

We offer a flexible 30-day transition period, featuring either 3 full days or 5 half days per week for all programs. However, this modified schedule does not apply to our school-age programs.